• The Health Promotion Agency has developed a very useful resource on alcohol and young people

    Alcohol & Your Kids

  • The Law states that alcohol can ONLY be supplied (by others) to a person under the age of 18 years WHEN express consent of the young person’s parent/guardian has been given.
  • Watch the video called “Express consent and supervised drinking” at https://www.alcohol.org.nz/videos

  • Any alcohol must be supplied in a responsible manner. When considering whether alcohol was supplied in a responsible manner, the court may take into account the following (read the Law here):
  1. the steps taken by the supplier to supervise the consumption of alcohol:
  2. whether food was provided with the alcohol:
  3. whether a choice of low-alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages, or both, was offered:
  4. the nature of the occasion:
  5. any arrangements for, or provision of, safe transport:
  6. the time period over which the alcohol was supplied:
  7. the strength and volume of the alcohol supplied:
  8. the age of the minor:
  9. any other matter it thinks relevant in the particular circumstances
  • Remember - there is a zero alcohol limit for anyone driving under the age of 20 years. 
  • The Health Promotion Agency has some useful Tips for Party Hosts.
  • If any consumption does occur, it is strongly advised that it is within the New Zealand low risk drinking guidelines, please click here.