Alcohol and Pregnancy - Take Action Now

Enabling society as a whole to be supportive of messages regarding alcohol and pregnancy is important, but also challenging.  However, we strongly need to take action this area if we are to protect the brain potential of our future generations. 

  • Spread the word among friends, family, people you work with that alcohol is a major cause of brain damage in unborn babies.
  • There may be others in your community that also express a strong desire to prevent FASD. Click here for actions you can take as a community to raise awareness of the issue. 
  • Support rather than judge mothers who drink alcohol during pregnancy. Help them to seek help if they struggle to stop drinking. 
    • If you are worried call the Alcohol Drug Helpline 0800787 797. 
  • Speak out against the injustice of denying children with neurodisability caused by alcohol the help they desperately need to live a good life.
  • Join FASD-CAN, the Care Action Network supporting individuals and families struggling with FASD and educating the community how best to support their needs. 
  • Ask your GP next time you are there, whether they routinely ask, assist and advise women about alcohol and the risk of drinking during pregnancy. There are online resources to help them do this
  • Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is strongly determined by our wider drinking culture. Take action to restrict availability and promotion of alcohol and increase the price.  Action can also be taken to promote the uptake of early and brief intervention.
  • If you are a teacher or work in the education sector, support your school to implement the strategies in the “Inclusive Education FASD Guide for teachers”
  • Contact the Alcohol Healthwatch FASD Coordinator for further information 

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