Campus Watch at the University of Otago 

An example of a collaborative programme is ‘Campus Watch’, at the University of Otago. For more information, click here . This programme aims to reduce social disorder among students, including harm associated with alcohol use [36, 37]. The University Proctor's Office manages the programme whereby Campus Watch staff provide pastoral care for new students who live in unsupervised shared flats, halls of residences and business areas. The team also provides 24-hour foot patrol around campus areas of the University of Otago and other major areas. During the dark, the teams continue their patrols around the campus and surrounding neighbourhood and frequently walk students’ home late at night and provide assistance to intoxicated students.

The teams work in a collaborative approach. Alongside the university proctor's office, they keep in frequent contact with local Police and Fire Service in order to share information regarding incidents and sight of criminal behaviours. The teams also work with Māori wardens and neighbourhood-based programmes.

An evaluation of the Campus Watch programme has shown reduced alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm [37]. Since the implementation of the programme in 2007, there has been a reduction in hazardous drinking and decreases in aggression, compared with a similar campus which has not implemented the programme [38].