Be media savvy

Be media savvy and support members of your families/whanau to also be critical of the advertising they are being exposed to. You can do this by being informed and questioning media content, not just alcohol-related content, and being open to discussing it.

Remember that advertisements and promotions are just that, and it’s OK to determine for yourself how much they influence your life.

Be extra vigilant with regards to online and social media, particularly where young people are concerned. Take steps to monitor their use. For more information about media influence on adolescents, please click here.  

Please click here to learn how alcohol companies utilise the internet to market their products (particularly to young people).

Support your children and teens to learn important life skills (age appropriate) such as critical thinking, making decisions, resisting peer pressure etc.

Limit exposure to alcohol products in the home

Make your home an alcohol advertising-free zone – store any alcohol out of sight, get rid of or re-purpose any alcohol merchandising (caps, T-shirts etc),

Limit exposure to alcohol advertising in the home

As much as possible, limit children and young people’s exposure to adult programming and events. These commonly contain alcohol advertising.

To make a complaint about alcohol advertising on TV,/radio/internet etc, click here. To make a complaint about alcohol within TV programming, click here.

For more ideas and tips for how to reduce the exposure to alcohol in the home, please check out the following sections: