Does your Council have a signage bylaw?

Check to see if your Council has a signage bylaw. To find the website of your Local Council, please click here.

Make a complaint if you feel there is a breach of a bylaw

If your Council does have a bylaw, you can proceed to make a complaint.

Record the details of the outdoor advertisement - you can keep all signage-related incidents in a log. We have created one for you below.

Take a photo of the possible non-compliance signage

Incident log -  non-compliance signage

After collecting relevant evidence, raise your concern with the Licensing Unit of your local Council, as they are responsible for enforcing any bylaw.

If your Council does not have a signage bylaw

If your Council does not have a bylaw, encourage your Council to develop one, please check out the section on alcohol in public places.

Record the details of the advertisement you are concerned about.  You can download an incident log (above) to record your problem.

Contact your local council to ask why a bylaw has not been developed, or whether it is currently being written.

You can highlight the importance of a signage bylaw in your community:

Letter Template - non-compliance signage