Effect of alcohol content in televised music videos

A US study [30]  measured alcohol brand references in over 700 US popular songs between 2009 and 2011. The study 23% of the songs included lyrics that mentioned alcohol and 6% (46 songs) mentioned an alcohol brand. Songs classified as Urban had the highest mentions (38%) of alcohol and alcohol brand, followed by Country music (22%) [30].

Author of the study [30] also noted that only a small number of brands were heavily mentioned in song lyrics; i.e. only four specific brands were mentioned. When these brands were mentioned in song lyrics, the context was often positive and there was no depictions of negative consequences. On the other hand, many of the songs analysed portrayed the following images of alcohol use:

  • heavy alcohol use as leading to sex or enticing women to have sex;
  • encouragement of intoxication;
  • encouragement of underage drinking.

Alcohol use is also linked to violence theme in music videos. In a more recent study [31] conducted in New Zealand, over a third of over a third of music videos (39% of 861 videos) portrayed at least one violence-related theme. Violence portrayal was significantly more common in videos that also portrayed alcohol use.

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